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We will buy any of these vehicles and can either pick them up or pay you an extra fee to bring them into us.

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on the spot as long as you have the proper paperwork.

We do not sell spares

but will buy your car for that purpose and broker it to the highest bidder.

Steps for Selling Your Vehicle to Us

  • We buy vehicles throughout the entire country!

  • We buy Cars, Motorbikes, Busses and Trucks.

  • We purchase vehicles in working condition or not.

  • For Car Buyer South Africa

    to buy your vehicle, we require a copy of your ID, proof of address, a copy of your vehicle registration papers and an updated settlement letter (if the vehicle is not entirely paid for yet.

  • We do all the paperwork for you at no charge.

  • We pay for your vehicle at the time of pick up.

Car Buyer South Africa

There are several factors to be aware of when selling your car to us or anyone for that matter in South Africa. The more you know, the more you theoretically should get for your car. If your vehicle; car or truck is old and doesn’t run any longer than it’s should be obvious that you will get a lot less for the car but whatever the condition, they always have value. The car may be perfect for spares or have a future in the hands of an experienced mechanic.

Is it a Popular Car?

If you’re trying to sell a car that there are plenty of in the market, then you will almost certainly not get what you could have if they were a popular car and scarce.
We will buy any car or truck but the best way to have keep repeat customers coming back to you is to get you a satisfactory price. That’s why it helps before placing your ad to sell it on the curb to call us and we can tell you right away if it’s a good time or not to sell that vehicle.
If you still owe money on the car or truck, you may want to settle that before putting up for sale because that will lower the value of the car because the transaction becomes that much more onerous.

How Many Options or Extras on the Vehicle?

When looking at values, it always helps to have a car with a lot of options. This is especially true when evaluating a car because if there are several out on the market and yours doesn’t have the desirable options, you might want to not get your hopes up because you may wait a long time to get rid of it.
Colour plays a role in the price. Lighter color cars invariably get more money than a black car.

Age of the Car

When there are several of your make and model on the road in South Africa and even more importantly, in your area, age and mileage are major factors of the evaluation process.
The last thing you need to understand is that we need to make a profit on your car. We typically rely on volume, so we don’t need to make a lot on the car, but we have to cover costs so please keep that in mind when setting your expectations.

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R 235.000

Silver Audi A3 1.8 TSFI

R 199.900

2016 Ford Ranger 3.2 TDCI

R 489.900

2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA 45 AMG